Monday, December 8, 2008

Explore Classmates Blogs

You’ve worked very hard to create an awesome blog. It is time now time to check out your classmates blogs. The four slips of paper that you are going to draw out of the tub are the peers you are responsible for evaluating.  You will then use remaining class time to view and evaluate classmates blogs of your choice.

For Each Blog Complete the Following.

¨    Step 1 - Login to your blog. This will allow you to post comments on your classmates blogs and it will leave a link to your blog for them.

¨    Step 2 - Become a follower of their blog

¨    Step 3 - Read all Posts

¨    Step 4 - Answer all Blog Visitor Response Questions

¨    Step 5 - Answer all Blog Poll Questions

¨    Step 6 - Write at least 4 Comments on each classmates blog

o       Each comment should be a minimum of two sentences and show real thought or insight.

o       Good Example – Wow! You really did some excellent research. I had no idea that Hippos were the most dangerous animals on the Nile. I would have thought that it was crocodiles. Did you find out any information about types of animals along the Nile that were tame or domesticated?

o       Bad Example – That was cool. I didn’t know that.

¨    Step 7 - Answer Blog Evaluation Questions

o       Describe two areas of strength for the Blog

o       Describe one area for improvement of the Blog

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